November 3rd, 2006

Kusapi / hug
  • iraia


This is iraia writting this entry on behalf of all the members working on AKUPISHI. Today we reached to 100 members on our community so all of us want to thank you for supporting our efforts. Therefore we will continou working this way to grow bigger and stronger trying to improve our skills through the time... Well, let's just stop the cheesyness. I'm sorry, I can't write this way without thinking I sound completely ridiculous, so in short, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SUPPORTING US. I hope you will continou supporting us this way and just keep on coming back here to see how we are doing and using our stuff and all :D. That's why we made this special entry today to thank you all with the current 40 icons, 10 for each member of the community. Enjoy them!

Inner pd: Hellen, you better crosspost this everywhere because I'm lazy like that :D

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