April 26th, 2007

山下智久 - ダンス

Yamapi // Suggestion Post

Well miyavist   /tomokari   is in a good mood to read some suggestions (and it's pinkosa   's fault too lol), yes xD i'm concentrated in Johnny's Entertaiment, Hello! Project and some Korean bands, but tell me what icons do you want to see in my posts :). Comment please xD if you want to see icons of what you like, comment~

Akari Furuya (miyavist   /tomokari   /akupishi   )

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Akupishi // Special Track (300 members!) - Some words from akupishi crew

Well, this is miyavist yo~ xD this is a big update this time and the akupishi crew say thanks a lot for the support and the comments, you make us work very hard everyday, maybe we don't update a lot, and some admins are very lazy *kicked* but we'll be still with the hard work in this community, thank you members of akupishi!